We are an altruist and philanthropic fashion group that aspires individuality.

King Life Queen Love

The first brand launched by KLQL Properties is our premium casual Ready To Wear brand, King Life Queen Love.  The key message associated with this line is a classy, upscale and versatile lifestyle that delivers an experience branded from the viewpoint of a King and Queen.

By delivering a line that aspires individuals to identify the King and Queen within themselves, we expect to create an atmosphere that supports living the part as much as dressing the part.

King Life Queen Love's mission is to be recognized internationally as a trailblazer of fashion by peers and consumers. By ethically producing fashion forward products and positioning ourselves to serve the communities that support us, we will redefine what it means to be a “fashion brand”. It’s not enough to deliver a message through multiple marketing platforms; its time a brand delivers a lifestyle through action.

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